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NCam 5.7-r15 (oficial)

Changelog v5.7-r15:

  • Add Scam protocol.
  • Fixes for protocol online.
  • Fixes in Skip CWs cheksum for Nagra/Seca/videoguard.
  • Fixed por radegast ECM 0.
  • Added more control and management of cache/cw
  • Added support for long ecm/emm in nagra, seca and videoguard
  • Fix small BUG for CARDs.
  • Added internal cardlist and GX api support
  • Fixed in webif online connections for card, emu and other readers.
  • Added possibility to change interface color in webif.
  • Increased maximum size allowed for configuration files.
  • Fixes in the management of fakecw.
  • Many more changes that have been made on the fly during the different test versions that have been appearing and correcting their errors in later versions.
  • Possibly the last official version of Ncam to see the light.
  • Updated sample and configuration files with a bit more detail.

Descarga: https://mega.nz/file/2fZRVazT#CDFaDA8XMh-k4UhFTmSNIBiwp__7GTu_N-E8AipBwXo

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